Cool Roof & Title 24 Compliance

What is Title 24?

Created by the California Building Standards Commission, Title 24 is part 6 of the California Energy Code. These standards help California to conserve electricity and natural gas, and prevent the state from having to build more power plants.

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We offer every option to meet your Cool Roof needs

Our Performance Measures To Meet Title 24

Asphalt Shingles

GAF offers a number shingles that increase your home’s energy efficiency and are Title 24 compliant and rated by the CRRC.

GAF Timberline COOL Series

These shingles contain special granules that have a greater solar reflectance than the typical asphalt shingles and are CRRC rated and Title 24 compliant. Color is limited (3), but they offer the best energy efficiency out of the shingle options.

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GAF Timberline Reflector Series

Just released offering from GAF in an attempt to offer customers more options for Title 24 compliance. While they do not have the reflective granules throughout like the Cool Series, they do have enough to be rated by the CRRC. They also a greater range of colors to meet your preferences.

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Concrete Tile

Most tiles that Eagle Roofing produces are now Title 24 compliant and rated by the CRRC. Even darker colors are often covered. Eagle Cool Roof Tiles are made from highly reflective, highly emissive roofing materials that stay 50 to 60 degrees cooler than a normal roof under a hot summer sun.

And on colors that don’t qualify, if the tile selected is the Capistrano “s-tile” model, the roof would still meet Title 24 regulations.

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Prescriptive measures to meet Title 24

LP TechShield Radiant Barrier Sheathing

LP TechShield sheathing is made by laminating a thin, durable sheet of aluminum of standard OSB sheathing.

When installed in place of stand OSB meets Title 24 requirements.

Blocks up to 97% of the radiant heat in the roof panel from emitting into a home’s attic, reducing an attic’s temperature by up to 30° F.

Low-e Radiant Barrier Therma Sheet

The Therma Sheet can be installed under either shingles or tile. And can be installed under or on top of the traditional underlayment.

The Therma Sheet acts in a similar matter as the TechShield and is an “aluminum-foil” like products that repels the heat.

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