Is Your Roofer GAF Master Elite? Here’s Why They Should Be


GAF is one of the oldest and most trusted manufacturers in the U.S. for roofing materials, but they also understand that quality roofing shingles are no good if you don’t match that with quality installation. That’s why they created the GAF Master Elite Certification—it’s an honor only awarded to the top 3 percent of all roofing contractors in  the U.S., and just six in San Diego, so you know if you’re working with a Master Elite contractor, you’re getting the cream of the crop.

The other benefit of choosing a Master Elite Installer roofer in San Diego is the warranty available to only Master Elite Installers. As one of only six Mater Elite Installers in San Diego we are able to offer the Golden Pledge Warranty. The Golden Pledge Warranty not only covers the materials used, a 50-year non prorated warranty, but also the workmanship to install the roof. Due to the vetting that takes place, GAF backs up their Master Elite Installer’s work with a 25 year workmanship warranty. This means that if the roof were to fail within the first 25 years, GAF will pay to have it replaced, materials and labor included.

Why GAF Certification?

In the state of California, any construction contractor or subcontractor who hires employees is required to register with the Contractors State License Board, but this registration is essentially just to ensure that the company is complying with California’s workers compensation insurance regulations. While worker’s compensation insurance is important, GAF certification takes it several steps further to ensure that your San Diego roofing contractor has the right experience and a track record of quality work.

What is GAF Certification?

GAF requires contractors to go through several different questions and evaluations in their screening process, with the end goal of making sure that anyone who gets their highest level of certification:

  • Is properly licensed according to all state, city, and other municipal regulations
  • Carries the right amount of insurance, including both worker’s compensation and general liability insurance, to protect against workers who get hurt on the job as well as property damage
  • Has a solid reputation as a quality roofing contractor, according to independent surveys as well as reviews and complaints from organizations like the Better Business Bureau
  • Is financially solvent and has a good banking and credit history (in which case they are probably less likely to take your money and never do the work)
  • Trains employees continually on all the latest trends and techniques in the roofing industry for the most efficient installation processes

How To Find a Master Elite Contractor

If you’re thinking that it would be nice to have a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor in San Diego, but are not quite sure how to find one, the great news is it’s a simple process. Just go to the GAF website and put in your zip code for San Marcos, CA – Mark Anthony Construction and Roofing is one of the first contractors on the list with a perfect rating from nearly three dozen homeowners in the area who have used our services. Great installation matters, which is why GAF Master Elite certification is critical in your search for a San Diego roofer

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